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Trixie Minou Cuddly Cave Dogs & Cats Bed

Trixie Minou Cuddly Cave Dogs & Cats Bed

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  • Its no secret that every cat and puppy loves a long, luxurious nap, so finding the perfect cat bed and dog bed is essential. Provide a warm and comfortable for your cat or puppy to curl up in! The inner plush cushion is filled with a soft polyester fleecing for maximum comfort.

  • This soft fleece furnishing provides the perfect surface for a nap or a good sleep.

  • The enclosed design provides a sense of security Padded foam wrapped in soft plush and fleece lined Foam padding helps provide hug-like comfort. Features a long-haired plush rim and reversible filled cushion that can be removed for cleaning. A non-slip bottom keeps the cave secure even when your active kitty or puppy is eager to enjoy it.

  • Cats sleep up to 18-hours a day and many pet owners choose to place multiple cat beds in different areas of their home to provide safety and comfort no matter where their kitty decides to snooze.
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