From Nature to Finished Products

AkroBon is the journey of selecting and sourcing raw materials and manufacturing end use products that are utility focussed and exceptional in quality and design and serve the growing market for Indian Exports.

At the helm of Akrobon are two core divisions - The Finished Products Division and The Industrial Use Division.

The Finished Products division comprises of ready products which include - The Fabrics and Trims Manufacturing Division, The Baby Products Manufacturing Division, The Home Furnishings and Decor Manufacturing Division, The Wooden Parts & Furniture Division and The Apparel Manufacturing Division.

The Industrial Use Division is committed to the procurement and sourcing of quality natural materials and supplying them in a processed and semi processed. This is done alongwith our partner processors and our sourcing specialists.

As a company Akrobon, prides itself in supporting the needs of small businesses across the globe in their requirements of natural and semi processed materials to finished products that resonates with the quality and style quotient of its buyers.

Connect with us to grow your business from our extensive selection of materials and end products.

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