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Bayer Bolfo Powder For Dog & Cat

Bayer Bolfo Powder For Dog & Cat

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The flea & tick powder is a must-have product in summer & rainy seasons. The dry & humid summer which makes the pet coat irritant.

This will also help to remove all kind of external parasites from your dog and cat & prevents if from the re-infestation of ticks and fleas.

Provides relief from the summer itch. The product is an antibacterial and antifungal property, & which prevents the spread of various skin diseases.

The product is having dual advantages; it provides your pet an itch-free skin and gives you a clean smelling dog or cat.

Extremely useful for treating all insects and flea bites which is having the natural soothing qualities.

Just spread the powder coat over the coat and massage it gently into the skin. Brush your pet as usual.If you find that cumbersome then just put it on the brush.

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